Friday, January 1, 2010


I wrote this in October. I wrote this poem to you.

To Frost
If I didn't know you
before the sun,
my eyes wouldn't
shine as bright.
If I didn't see you
before the sea,
my tears wouldn't
be as true.
If I didn't hear you
before the birds,
my song wouldn't
sweeten the wind.
If I didn't paint you
before the sky,
the sunsets would
all be blue.
If I didn't dream you
before the night,
the stars would
fall from the sky.
If I didn't have you
before my heart,
I wouldn't know love at all.
And If I didn't feel
your tiny hand
holding on to mine,
the World would stop
and ask me...
"What happened to our friend?"
Oh sweet baby, I had no idea then what this would mean to me now. I remember crying deep tears after I wrote it and feeling strange. I meant for it to be a happy poem, but after I wrote it I felt such sorrow. You have been with me all along, now I just know what I'm missing.
I wrote another poem down that same day while we were waiting for your sister. But now I think that the second poem was from you to me.
I'll leave a light on for you
and call it the Moon.
Through tree tops in Winter
you'll see it shine.
And remember.
It will light your way to me
with the softest glow.
The kind that warms
Autumn's early chill.
My light will guide your feet,
like those of a child.
Whispering through the cushion
of Summer-soft grass.
In the Springtime,
it will show you
the place in your heart
where a home has grown.
Look up,
my light is smiling at you.
I'll leave a light on for you
and call it the Moon.
Follow it back to me.
Thank you Baby, for giving me so many places to look for you. I'll find you someday. This New Year there was a Blue Moon, the first one in decades.
Night, night Frost. Mama loves you.

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