Sunday, January 31, 2010

The 13 Clocks

I'm going to start reading a new book today, Frost. I have a feeling it will be magical. I have a feeling that it will make my view of things change. It is a book for children and its copyright date is 1950. The illustrations are dated, so much so that they are popular again. I like looking at images that were created by the stroke of a brush rather than the click of a mouse. I was so excited today when I found this book, it was one I had been searching for. It was one I knew that I wanted to read to you and your sister. When I read it will you come sit next to me and listen to my mind? I want you to read it with me. I want to hear your little voice ask questions about the beauty of the Princess. I want to see your little nose crinkle at the thought of the evil Duke. As I look at each page I want you to give me your interpretation of the words. I want to read it as if I were still young. And I want you to help me do it. I want to read it with innocence. I want to believe the nonsense portrayed by the characters. I want to be carried into the fantasy world and live there for a little while, like I remember doing when I was a child. Books still carry me away, but not the same way they did when I was first discovering books. Could you take me there? I think that it would help me feel as though I were a part of something. Something shared with you. I think that being a little disconnected with my reality would bring me closer to you since you are no longer my reality. The memory of what could have been is all that I have here. I want to go where what could have been still can be. My book will take me there with you, just for a little while.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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