Monday, January 11, 2010


Frost, last night you met your Grandma. Your Daddy's mother came to be with you. Her name is Marsha, so listen for her name. She will listen for yours. Your name will make it easy for her to find you. You are probably the only baby Frost there. She will find you and hold you again like she did after you were born. She will hold you for us and she will be strong again. Her body on earth was so tired. She needed to leave it, and find a peace. She needed to find a world where she could be whole in herself again. She will bring you our love and you will tell her all of your baby secrets. Your hearts will beat again. They will beat together in a place where we cannot hear the beautiful sound of a long lost love found again. She will sing you to sleep the same way she sang to your Daddy when he was a child. She will rock you on a cloud and hush away your cries with the rustle of her newly spread wings. You will be gifts to eachother, and you will never be alone. She left in the middle of the night just like you did. The dark and the winter took you both away from us. You both went up while the snow came down. Tell her that we are missing her, tell her that our world has changed. Smile for her.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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