Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When You Would Have Been Three

Frost, I want to start telling you happy stories. It's hard to know how to start doing this without ending up crying. So I will just start telling you about the things in our life that I think you would have liked. We have cats, two twin black and white kittens and one stripey old cat. I think that you would have cuddled and played with them. I think that you would have pulled their tails when you were two and that they would have scratched you. You would have cried and gotten mad at the cats and I would give you a hug and a band-aid. We have a dog too, he is a big yellow lab, he is crazy. I have a feeling that you would have been the only one to tame him. I think that he would have just listened to you and that you would have been best friends and everyone else would have been amazed. When you would have been three people would say "where is the dog?" and then I would reply "He's with his best friend of course", and then we would all look and see you using his furry back for a pillow and his tail for a sword. We have nice soft blankets here, and I know that you would have loved to be cozy in them. I think that the little blue and white one would have been your favorite. Your sister is here, she loves you so much. She sent you a balloon on Saturday. I'm pretty sure she would have shared her toys with you, although she would only want you to have the ones she had decided were too babyish. Mostly stuffed animals, your favorite would have been her favorite from when she was a baby, a little wooly mammoth named Woolsly. In Hadley's room there are 6 prisms hanging in her windows. When the winter sun shines in her room each day, rainbows of all different shapes and sizes dance around her room. I spin them and then we lay on her bed and watch the colors race across her walls and ceiling. I would have set you there when you were new, we would have watched your new eyes discover the world. And when you would have been four I would watch you run in her room yourself, strong and silly and laughing as you tried to catch rainbows.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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