Monday, January 4, 2010

The Fawn

This spring and summer, when I was first carrying you inside of me, there was a baby deer that visited our yard often. He was always alone, no parents watched as he edged ever closer to our home. We thought he came to drink from the plastic baby pool we had filled for our yellow lab to swim in. It looked as though he drank from the pool and fed at the bird feeders, but I am not sure anymore if that was the real reason behind the rare sightings. He would watch us as we admired him, he was nature at its most beautiful. He would watch and walk slowly, look back and then run. We saw him several more times, until the last time. The last time I saw him he bolted right up the middle of the road toward the highway, after that the summer showed us our fawn no more. I worried and then forgot, until now.
Was our fawn really you, little Frost? A baby who wandered too far from his parents. Lost and alone, seen only by those who could not guide you. Or was the animal your spirit guide and when you felt him run you decided to run too. To run across the road to see what was beyond. To know things before those who created you would know. Is that what you desired? I wish I knew what you know now. For I am sure that it is peace. I believe that I saw a bit of that peace in the fawn's endless brown eyes. Before he ran I looked into them and it was like his eyes were telling me "I am going to race the wind now, watch me."
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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