Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Flood

Frost we found out that you were coming to us on May 16, 2009. On that day there was a flood. The rain was fat and fast and never-ending. The clouds were so full, and they parked themselves over our town. We came home and the power was out. I went upstairs to weave by the window before too much darkness settled in. As I sat there working the yarn like the three fates, I thought about creation and I remembered the test I had waiting in the bathroom. I thought to myself, I should do it now that way I would always remember the day I found out that my baby was on the way. I took it and breathed deep as the lines came up positive. The strong Spring storm would be such a grand memory for us.
I walked around the house keeping the wonderful news to myself for about one hour. I was smiling while everyone else was angry about the rising water in the basement. We had flashlights ready and candles prepared for the night, so I knew I had to tell soon before there wasn't enough light to show the test to our family. First I brought your Daddy upstairs and showed him. I saw his face turn to bliss as he realized that you were already on your way to us. We then decided to go ahead and tell your sister, she jumped and screamed for joy, she had wanted to be a sister for years. For her patience, we decided that she should tell your Grandma. When Hadley did tell her, I could tell that the news of you was so unexpected. Your Grandma worries about things, and I think we shocked her into a worry. But then her eyes softened in the dimming light, she knew that a baby would be good.
The rain continued on and on. It still does, only now the drops pour from our eyes. Our eyes are as full as the clouds were that day and our sobs are as loud as the thunder. The flood became our flood and it has filled my body with something I can't control. I can't remember now if there was a rainbow outside in the sky on that stormy day, but I know that there was one in my heart and in my future. The Spring is my best time.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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