Monday, January 18, 2010

A Month

Your Daddy had Daddy eyes again. A month ago I saw them in the hospital room. The first time I saw his Daddy eyes we were also in a hospital room. In a room seven years ago his eyes changed the minute he saw your sister. I loved that change in his eyes, they were the happiest I had ever seen his eyes. They softened and reflected the birth of true love. While you were in my belly Frost I was looking so forward to see what your Daddy's eyes would do when you were born. Knowing that you were a boy, I was sure that a great look of pride would have accompanied the love. I couldn't wait for you to come so he could look at you with his Daddy eyes.
When you arrived unable to look into your Daddy's eyes, I saw the love come out of his own eyes again. This time that love was coupled with a sadness so overwhelming that he had to cover his Daddy eyes. The tears blurred my view of him and of you, but I know that they would not let me forget. I know that his Daddy eyes gazed into your soul that day, because the twinkles I see in his eyes now I have named Hadley and Frost.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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