Friday, January 8, 2010

Play dates

I have learned something Frost. After you died, I learned that there are other babies like you. Babies who had to leave their earth homes too soon. I have met the mothers of some of these babies. We have become friends. As friends, we decided to light candles for each of our babies. Tonight I did this. As I lit the candle, I placed my fingers around the holder and stared into the flame. I let my eyes dwell there for a moment, and began to talk to the babies we were honoring tonight. I told them that you were my baby, I told them that your name was Frost and that they should go and find you. I told them that you were where they were. I told them that their Mommies are beautiful and that they love them and that it was okay for them to play with you. The more I talked to the babies, the more my tears began to gather. I didn't wipe my tears away, and my vision began to blur. I continued staring at the candle's flame and through my tears it started rising higher. The light was growing and moving. I watched it flicker and pull with the intake of my breath. I saw the flame change its shape. And I swear that the light took on the form of a heart. At that, I closed my eyes and let their fullness fall down my cheeks and kiss the edges of my smile. I was smiling because I knew that my baby now has the most wonderful new friends. I know that you have found eachother.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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