Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quiet Story

I have a book that I love, it is from my childhood. It is a short little paperback picture book. It is called Bear By Himself. Bear is an enchanting little character who never talks he just is. He has always calmed me, he is so content with what he has. He is by himself throughout the entire book. Through rain and night, sunshine and thinking, he is alone and he is happy with that. I admire him for this. When I am alone I feel speed up and a little lost, I cannot catch my way. I feel it more now, like I am missing something dear, something that I need. Of course that is you Frost, I have felt it before but never like now. Bear seems to have found a way to find his something within himself. I need to learn to do this, but right now I can't even find the door to my heart. I know that when I do find it it will not be locked, it will open for me. I just have to find my way through a maze that a very curious gardener has planted around me. I am sure that you are at the center of my maze and have already entered the door. When I get there with you, being alone will be nice. I wanted to read Bear By Himself to you. I know that you would be the kind of boy who could find your true self on a rainy day in a mud puddle. I think I will read it to you. Just listen for the quiet, okay.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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