Sunday, January 24, 2010

Daddy's Dream

Your Daddy had to start back to work this weekend, Frost. It's been hard for him, going back to where he was before you died. He wakes up too early for work. He used to wake up at 3:00am now he wakes up at 1:00am and cannot sleep again. He thinks of you and his mom. And then he has to drive in the dark. That time alone I'm sure is filled with so much pain. He won't tell me about it because he knows I will cry. He tells me about some of the hard times he has at work but I know that he keeps so much of it to himself. He's trying to protect your mama, Frost. His pain is doubled, he lost the woman who brought him into the world, the woman who nurtured and created his own infant self. And he lost you, the infant who he learned to love through the loving attention of his mother. Frost could you please give your Daddy a sweet dream tonight so that he won't wake up too early. A dream with you in it, because I know that if he could hold you again, even in a dream, he could find some peace. Especially if you could smile for him for the first time.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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