Thursday, January 14, 2010


This morning as I looked from my bedroom window I saw a new set of footprints in the snow. I tried to decide what kind of prints they were. The prints ran in a very straight line and traveled between our row of apple trees and up to the back of our house. The prints were small and close together. I thought that they might be those of a cat, but I'm not for sure. The path that they follow makes no sense. I do not understand where these prints lead or what purpose they serve. They will be part of our home for only as long as the cold lets them. They will disappear when the sun's rising heat gives birth to the spring. I can't even see them right now in the darkness. They are empty pits pushed into something so temporary. Really, they are nothing. And yet I noticed them, I will remember them. After they are obscured by time I will never see them again.
You, Frost will be a part of us forever. You are stronger than the footprints. The sun cannot outshine your impression. The wind will not collapse your beauty. Time will not erase the love that flew from us to you, every day and every night after you were here. I will do more than remember you baby, I will live for you.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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