Tuesday, February 2, 2010

9 Lives

The cats always seems to know when to come along and give a purr. It's like they can sense my need for comfort. When the humans are too involved in their own musings to notice the ache I try to hide, a cat will come along, find my pain and ease it. Their timing is always just right. Just like when the song that's playing matches the drive. Or when a wind creeps up and pulls a cloud from in front of the moon just in time to reveal the mouse to the owl. Or when a young girl turns her head just in time to catch a glimpse of the boy's gaze before he looks away with flushed cheeks. When the timing is just right it can change a life, or maybe just the day. Once, a hot air balloon nearly landed in our backyard, but as it came down the wind caught it and up it went, away to the next neighborhood. The course was changed. A simple gust changed a memory of "guess what happened" to a "guess what ALMOST happened". You almost happened for us Frost. An accident kept you from us, if you had turned the other way inside of my belly you would be here now. If you just stayed still, if I did not move as much, if I had gone to the doctor sooner. If you...if I...Forever I will say that. Our timing was right to make you. Our timing was wrong to have you. I wish I could have caught that moment, instead I lost it.

We adopted the two kittens from the shelter after we lost you Frost. If you hadn't gone we would not have gotten them. Their lives would have taken a different course. I think they are happy here with us. It must have been their time, because of you their lives were rescued. I try to think about that when they sit on my lap and purr. It's like they are saying "Thank you Frost, for giving us your time."
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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