Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Baby Winks

Babies I see look at me. They look through me. I feel them noticing me. I feel like they see something. I feel like they know. When I look at little children I feel like they see what adults don't, the babies don't look away. They stare at me right in my eyes and around my head like they are watching for something. Like they are waiting for someone to play with. Are you there? smiling at them? I think they know what to look for, while we adults have long ago forgotten how to see. Maybe they can still see something from the place they came from before earth. Maybe their eyes hold a secret. They are closer to God than we are because they just came from Him. Maybe they still remember what God's face looks like and maybe they know where you are Frost. Maybe they remember a bit of what it's like to be created and Heaven is what I see looking at me from their eyes. I remember looking deep into your sister's brown eyes when she was a baby after my Dad died trying to find his reflection there. I never saw his face there but I did find solace in their beauty. Her eyes have always told a story.
If Heaven's gaze is what I see coming from these little children's eye's then I know that you are in a place of beauty. Thank you little babies for bringing me a little peace.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.


  1. Beautiful and so true. They don't look away like the adults do.

  2. This is very beautiful. I believe it, too. Thank you for sharing.