Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Could have Been in 1908

We went to your woods yesterday Frost. Hadley and I walked there together. I didn't cry this time, Hadley took away some of the saddness. She was amazed at the quiet in the woods and the beauty. She guaranteed me that there were fairies hiding from us and I told here that I thought you were there too. We took pictures of eachother and of the flora. Trees and vines, poison ivy and Solomon's Seal. Wolf spiders, snails and ants. Things scurried and we watched. We shared our afternoon with you and the Earth. It was good for us. It felt like we were living another life for a while, a life that could have been lived a hundred years ago. A life without distraction. Hadley called the creek a river, she is innocent. We searched for mushrooms but found none. What we did find was so much more. Broken branches spoke to me. I found out that broken things can still be pretty. I can still be pretty. I am going to explore this idea further. I am going to find broken things and prove that these can be beautiful. You were the most beautiful, and as broken as broken can be. I am going to embrace the things I cannot fix. And let these things fix me in turn.

Did you see your sister? Isn't she beautiful? She was singing her little made up songs in your woods. Just like I used to when I was a little girl. Her lyrics didn't make sense they just were. I think she must have been singing for you. She kept singing: "beautiful, beautiful, amazing...". Her voice can be quite lovely, it was more so in your woods.
Night, night Frost
Mama loves you.

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  1. What a precious day. Makes me want to get outside too.