Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 18, 2009

You were born December 18, 2009. I don't know exactly when you died. We named you Frost. You were our baby boy. You were our dream. You are not here. So I will write the story of our love for you here. I will tell you about our dreams for you. Even though I can't see or touch you, I can feel you. You were ours and you were real. These aches I feel seem as though they will be endless, but I will smile again for you. I will heal my heart for you, I will learn for you, I will love for you.
The tears I shed on your tiny cheeks are with you, along with the kisses I gave to your forehead. Your tiny movements that filled my belly now live in my heart, and will forever. We are still together, just differently. I have to tell myself that. We see you in everything, things that you never had a chance to see, hold, taste. The snow that came a week after you, the snow that came on Christmas. How could we not think that it was a gift from you? From our little Frost. I look for you everywhere.
Night, night Frost, I love you.

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