Sunday, December 18, 2016


I've been watching shadows a lot lately Frost.  Shadows in the snow and shadows in your room.  They seem to tell me things.  They tell me that you are still here, that you speak to your little brother and tell him the secrets of boyhood that he shouldn't know yet on his own.  The snow that came yesterday and stayed for your birthday was full of these shadows.  So many secrets given through them.   You have shown us so much in these seven years.   You have given so many gifts.  At night sometimes you still visit my dreams.  So many different faces, yet I always know when you are there.  Forever you will be my love and nothing can take this away.   No matter the distance, no matter the time.  I can't wrap my head around time sometimes.   I don't feel farther from you even though another year has passed, you will always be here.  I love you my sweet.  Happy birthday for the seventh time.

Night, night Frost
mama loves you

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