Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birth Stones

We walked away from the uneven coast,
and fell upon a trap of splintering forest.
The most we watched that day
the dapple-down sea.
that could forgive our face
and just walk away.
And now the meteor tears at my cool skin.
It tells me lies,
It says to go and jump in.
Into the wish that we would no longer give.
Into the treetops, through the chlorophyll's grid.
Back on the ground.
Back on the wall.
Back on the red, crisp blood
Discovering all.
All of the motion and the forced ocean's face.
All of the stop an go, and all of the haste.
I take it with me
til I can't make a mark.
Can't set the pace,
can't hear the morning's soft dark.
She called me back to her
with lights and with wings.
She told me just to sit and she would bring,
to me and to the world just what we need.
That liquid heated by the heart of a seed.
I had a needle and it wanted to sew.
Sew through the afterthoughts, but not through the glow.
It wanted mending.
It wanted no holes.
And in doing so
I lost my own breath.
My soul with it was washed
and hung in the sun.
Just like the shadow
of my topaz blue son.

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