Monday, August 18, 2014

Remembering That There Is Magic

I often times think about other people and how they see the world.  How their view of the world is different from mine.  I try to relate by listening to their stories and wondering at their pasts.  I wait for some magical connection.  Then I think of you.  Your world is not even close to ours here.  I imagine you watching us and learning and changing with us, but how do I know what you see or even how you see?  You didn't have a past here, but your story is one of the great ones I feel.  Your story is one that moves beyond the times, beyond the lands, beyond the changing faces and names.  Your story is one that is felt by all.  One that has moved so many to great good and great tragedy.  The extremes that have tattooed the Earth with the ink of so many hearts.  Frost, your story is one of love.  A magical connection.  Your story is within everyone I have ever known and have told your name and it is also within everyone I will never know and never say your name to.  Your story is there because it is one of purest love.  It has mingled with the millions of loves throughout time and become the tingle one feels when first holding hands.  It has become warmth of mother's embrace after a bad dream.  It is in the salt that swims in a lonely tear as a long lost love is remembered.  Your story is everywhere, every moment with everyone.  You are part of a beautiful gift that has been given to the world.  This ocean of love that we all swim in is where we find our greatest treasures. The things we are in awe of, the things we hold on to, the things we create for, the things we would die for.  Always to be remembered.  My sweet boy you are remembered always.

Night night Frost
Mama loves you

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