Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Trees

I remember the two trees in the front yard of the house we lived in when I was smallest.  I remember circling around them like the squirrels, only I never went as high as they and their singing tails did.  I remember that the trees were some kind of oak, pin oak I think.  They were tall and strong and their acorns made a crunchy mosaic of our grass in the autumn.  I remember looking out through the front windows at them when the weather was too cold or too rainy, my eyes were always drawn to them.  They were mostly the same, they were twins, and to me they seemed to be brothers.  I know that they grew differently, but in my memories one will never be without the other.  The roots of the two trees were as sure to mingle beneath the ground as the branches of the two trees connected in the sky.  They stand in my mind as a symbol of where I come from, my home.  They stand as a symbol of life shared through two seeds dropped and allowed to grow from one Mother tree.  The same bond that I feel will always be there between you, Frost, and your little brother growing in my belly.  From the Earth to the sky.

There are two trees in the front yard of the house we live in now.  I watch them through the front windows.  I see a mother squirrel rest under one, stretching for hours in the shade.  I wonder at what she must dream.  I walk under the trees and look through their canopies, to glimpse a mosaic of blue sky.  They are sugar maples.  Right now they are a beautiful crimson and rust, their leaves pirouette as they drop.  I listen to the sound they give in the wind.  It is something more than a rustle, something more than a crinkle.  It is me, listening to your breath.  It is me, feeling your brother change inside.  It is peace, knowing that we are together in quiet times.  It is happiness, knowing that he met you before he came to us.  It is love, knowing that you chose him for our family.   It is knowing that your roots are the same and that your branches will always reach each other.  It is home and heaven, and one will never be without the other.

Night, night Frost,
Mama loves you

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  1. I love this image of your two sons. Sending you all my love as I wait with you.